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Written Assignment: Food Diary And Nutritional Self-Assessment Paper

Written Assignment: Food Diary And Nutritional Self-Assessment Paper

Instructions for the Written Assignment: Food Diary and Nutritional Self-Assessment Paper* *

In your written paper, include the following. These are guidelines to help you write your paper, please refer to your rubric to see how you will be graded for this assignment. Your paper must be formatted in APA format.

1. BMI and HAMWI Calculate your weight based on the BMI formula and the Hamwi method. All actual calculations must be present in your paper. (weight=145 pds & height= 5’2)

• Analyze your place on the BMI and Hamwi scales in terms of health. Based on these numbers, how healthy are you?

• Use at least one source other than your class text to provide documentation and references to support your position.

2. Food Diary Document your food intake for three days. Your paper must include a food diary documenting all food, drink and medications consumed for the three days. Compare your intake of food and nutrients to the recommended RDA. Refer to the nutrient report spreadsheet percentages that you recorded.

* Provide nutritional information for all foods contained in our food diary including the serving size, amount consumed, total calories, total fat calories, total carbohydrates calories, total protein calories, grams of sodium, vitamins, and minerals in the nutrient spreadsheet. Provide detailed situational information including where you were when you were eating the food, what you were doing, and why you chose to eat what you ate (convenience, habit, intentional, etc.).

* Where do most of your calories come from fats, proteins, or carbohydrates? Provide examples.

* Do you see any excesses or deficiencies among any of the nutrients? Explain.

* What patterns do you see?

* Would you classify your diet as well-balanced based on this information? Why or why not?

3. Nutritional Analysis of Food Diary Provide an analysis of each nutrient listed on the nutrient spreadsheet: CHO, PRO, Fat, Na, phos, K, calcium, vit A, vit C, and iron.). Each nutrient should be a separate paragraph. Include for each nutrient:

* What is your RDA? Page | 2

* How close to the RDA?

*If you were deficient in a nutrient, provide food choices that would improve your diet for this nutrient.

* If you had an over consumption of a nutrient, explain what foods caused the over consumption and provide food choices that would improve your diet for this nutrient.

* Use at least one source other than your class text to provide documentation and references to support your position.

4. Drug/Medication Interactions What medications are you currently taking and what are their nutritional side effects and considerations?

*Do they need to be taken with food/away from food, at night only, day? If you do not take any medications, determine what medications or supplements you may need to take based on your current diet. Include at least 1 reference to support position. (DO NOT TAKE ANY MEDICATIONS!)

5. Physical and Emotional Analysis Reflect on the emotions you recorded for each of the three days.

* Analyze how your feelings affected your nutrition and how your nutrition affected your mood.

* Analyze your physical activity. How did your emotions/food choices affect your physical activity?

* For your emotional and physical analysis discuss the following:

• What patterns do you see between your diet and your emotions or physical activity? Explain.

• Did you eat more after not eating all day, or did you choose less healthy foods?

• Did your activity level have any effect on your mood or nutrition choices? Explain.

• Are these three days indicative of your normal emotions, or are these three days unique? Explain.

6. Medical Conditions Identify and explain physical and/or medical conditions (chronic pain, disease, allergies, mental health, and disability) that affect your diet, nutrient, or drug intake. If you do not have any current medical conditions, determine what medical conditions you could develop based on your current diet. (NO CURRENT MEDICAL CONDITIONS!)

* How much influence does your current or future physical/medical condition have on your nutritional choices?

* How much influence does your physical/medical condition have on your activity level?

* What conclusions can you draw between the diet and the medical condition? Page | 3

7. Culture/Religion Discuss how your culture or religious affiliation influence your diet. How can/does your culture or religious affiliation affect your food choices?(CHRISTIAN RELIGION)

* How does cultural/religious nutritional considerations positively affect your health? Provide specific examples and situations.

* How does your cultural/religious nutritional considerations negatively affect your health? Provide specific examples and situations.

* What changes would you implement to improve your nutrition?

8. Diet Plan Develop a diet plan that best suits your actual dietary needs based on your height, weight,BMI, culture, religion, activity level, overall health, and drug use.

• Your diet plan should be detailed and identify specific changes that will need to be made to comply with the diet plan. • Include how this diet plan will be beneficial to your health.

• Use at least one source other than your class text to provide documentation and references to support your position.

9. SMART Goals Develop three properly formatted SMART goals. Your goals must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed (EX: By December 31, I will walk around the block for 30 minutes 3x per week)

10. Implementation Strategies and Obstacles

• For each of your SMART goals develop at least one implementation strategy that will help you to achieve your goal. Your implementation strategy should be specific to your goal.

• For each of your SMART goals identify at least one obstacle that will prevent you from achieving your goal. Your obstacle should be specific to your goal. Include a plan to overcome the obstacle?

***** I have uploaded my food diary(with my food notes and exercise notes), nutritional self assessment, the MATH FORMULAS HAVE TO USE, the textbook and a sample paper of how it should be done.******

a minimum off 7 pages not including title and reference page!!

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