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Prompt: You are a new investment manager of XYZ Tech Company. The CEO has asked you to produce an investment analysis report.

Prompt: You are a new investment manager of XYZ Tech Company. The CEO has asked you to produce an investment analysis report.

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For the final project, you will submit an investment analysis report for a hypothetical company, based on provided constraints and research of market and industry trends. You will need to utilize the topics covered throughout the course in order to demonstrate mastery of the knowledge and skill required of a corporate investment manager. Through research and calculations, you will be analyzing the company’s place in the financial market, constructing a portfolio, and compiling your findings in an executive summary to justify your investment strategies and decisions, along with evaluating the investment performances.

As a corporate investment manager, it is your responsibility to construct an investment portfolio that will generate the maximum rate of return within a given risk class. In order to be successful in this, you need to synthesize your knowledge of your company’s industry and its place in the wider financial markets and of the modern portfolio theory, along with utilizing both qualitative and quantitative skills.


You are a new investment manager of XYZ Tech Company. The CEO has asked you to produce an investment analysis report. Using the provided information and investment parameters for the company along with your own financial database research, prepare an investment analysis report for the company. Your analysis report should include compiled data spreadsheets, a complete portfolio, and a justification of your investment strategies in an executive summary.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

I. Company and Market Analysis: In this section, you will analyze the company and its position in the financial markets.

A. Financial Markets

i. Analyze the five-year performance of the domestic economy relative to the financial markets.

ii. Explain specific market performance data based on compiled asset valuation model inputs supported by database research of five-year sector and industry performance and current trends.

iii. Evaluate the impact of the five-year and current macroeconomic data on asset prices.

B. Company Valuation

i. Analyze the company’s financial items and key ratios in order to demonstrate a comparison to peers and industry.

ii. Determine the intrinsic value of assets by inputting data into the various asset valuation models, and explain how each model was applied.

C. Industry Trends

i. Compile historic industry microeconomic data from database research for relative comparisons and inputs into asset valuation models.

ii. Analyze quantitative data across sectors and industries to measure absolute and relative performance.

D. Stakeholders

i. Identify five key stakeholders and their needs in relation to the company’s portfolio.

ii. Identify the common stockholders’ primary objective and their required return on equity.

II. Portfolio: With your company and market analysis in mind, construct a complete portfolio that includes the following:

A. Assets

i. Explain the inclusion of specific asset classes for the portfolio, considering the portfolio’s risk/return trade-offs and the company’s investment objectives.

ii. Apply the asset allocation weightings across asset classes, sectors, and industries.

B. Securities

i. Analyze the company’s historical revenue and earnings growth in order to demonstrate a comparison to that of peers in the industry.

ii. Determine the intrinsic value of assets utilizing the asset valuation models.

C. Rates of Return

i. Analyze the assets’ historical risk and rates of return, utilizing a comparison of the assets’ rates of return to similar securities or benchmarks for support.

ii. Calculate required rates of return, utilizing various asset valuation models (e.g. stock valuation models, bond valuation models, real estate valuation models, etc.).

D. Compare the risk/return trade-off on the investments.

III. Executive Summary: Justify your investment strategies in a summary, utilizing your company and market analysis and portfolio for support. Include the following in your justification:

A. Describe how making these investments will position the company within its industry in the market. Support with examples.

B. Explain the benefits of the investments to stakeholders.

C. Assess investment performance utilizing specific performance measurements.

D. Assess investment performance based on risk/return metrics, citing specific examples.

E. Explain how the strategies implemented in the portfolio meet the company’s investment objectives.

APA Format

9-12 Pages

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