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Part One:
Menu & Ordering Protocols (Part one should be no less than eight pages.)
List all details, including purchasing specifications for all for all items of a six-course meal for
200 guests for Mr. Hallman’s upcoming “Instructor of the Year” dinner, to be held at
Elizabeth’s personal estate at Balmoral Castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The optics of the
dinner make the Royal family look good. That, and she owes me that that “thing” in Gibraltar.
When I won two years ago (FYI: 16 year running winner), we held it outdoor at the Acropolis in
Athens, Greece. Ms. Buzzelli started a fight with Greek security, Ms. Agnew drew on one of the walls,
Mr. Rex passed out in the Temple of Athena, and the limitation of 75 guests caused a small riot at the
door as well as some serious, now resolved diplomatic issues with the European Union. I am counting
on you to set up an outstanding dinner that will smooth over our CIC compatriot’s rough edges and
represent me and our nation well.
Specifically, for part one, you will:
Create a Menu reflective of the region. Do not consider using Haggus – that stuff is nasty.

Pair European wines with the menu as Scotland is not known as the land of the grape.
Choose one Scottish beverage to pair with the menu or as an aperitif.
Create a Recipe list of all ingredients needed
Multiply the recipe ingredients by the appropriate number to include amounts for 200
Organize these ingredients amounts into portions appropriate for ordering:
“478 scoops of butter” is what you need
“2 cases of butter, with 24, 16oz butter squares per case” is what you’ll order)
Create a Product/Purchase Specification List for all ingredients
Group all Purchase Specifications by Company
(see examples of all below)
Details & Examples:
Create a Menu.
Make up a menu for the menu and beverage items of your own choosing. The menu
should reflect the region as well as the event’s setting. Use a professional layout that will be
presented to the guest (ex: Microsoft Publisher). If in doubt, consider reviewing the class document
on Food & Wine paring in the class documents: D2L/Course Materials/Content/Project Info.
Include the following courses:
Fish Course
Main course
Two quality wines & by name &
vintage *

Wines: factor in:

4 glasses per bottle

12 bottles per case

2.5 glasses per guest

Some extra wine is fine
2) Create a Recipe List.
List a recipe of ingredients used, showing
a. Each ingredient in each course
b. How much
to order for 200 persons
(we had to limit it as 13,423 persons
requested to attend, but we had to draw the line somewhere).
3) Create a Product/Purchase Specification List for all Ingredients –
for each ingredient item in your
recipe. Specifications are the detailed descriptions needed to ensure that the suppliers supply the
correct items.
Prices are not needed.
Do not use pre-packaged items other than for a potential salad dressing or a sorbet.
I can accept that the dressing for a salad or a dipping sauce for a menu item is prepackaged, but the
ingredients for most sauces, like the sauce for a Steak Au Poivre sauce, should be broken down.

Keep in mind where you would get your recipe items from- Sources or Wholesalers. Do not plan to
purchase from a retail operation like a grocery store or Costco. Groceries are retail sales
establishments. To be profitable, events like ours will purchase from a source or a wholesaler:
“Farm To Plate” menu operations try to skip intermediaries and go directly to the farm or processor
(think Johns Island Farms, or the “Geechie Boy” grits processor)
Purchase specifications should include the following information:
The company from which to order
b. How much (estimated) to order
c. How it is packaged
i.  by the oz, the pound, (.750 liter bottle, by the loin)
ii. How much to a case? (48, 12oz jars, etc)
d. Substitutions for potentially unavailable items all main courses
for your event (think
fish, steak, shellfish, wines, etc).  Substituting flour, sugar, or salt is no big deal, but
substituting a major item, like Sashimi-grade Tuna vs less than fresh Fugu may cause
quality issues, not to mention a painful death. Vueve Clicquot champagne is out? The
fallout would be epic if they substituted a cheap box of White Zinfandel.
I will not critique the order amount, the packaging, or the company as long as it is realistic.
I don’t expect you to track down real specifications, real wholesale distributors, real
pricing, or figure out exact quantities needed unless you have access to them. The goal is
that you understand that details need to be included when ordering items. You wouldn’t
order 200 steaks- you’d order by the loin as you can get a better deal when buying in bulk.
Estimate how many steaks come from a loin (seven steaks cut per loin.).
Need 200 steaks for 200 guests?
Plan to order 240 in cover mistakes and guest returns/recooks.
A loin of beef will provide 7 steaks per loin
Growers, Manufacturers, &
You & Me

240 / a loin of seven steaks = 240/7= 34.286 loins = 35 loins rounded up. You could order a
bit more (36 or loins), giving you extra if a guest like Oprah sends her steak course back
multiple times as she so often does.
I would expect that you use common sense when writing the specifications. Consider that
salads will have multiple ingredients, appetizers will likely have a sauce with them, and the
entrée should come with a starch and a vegetable.
Do you need:
A) Fresh? (No frozen options for major items)
C) Size: individual serving size? Table size?  Kitchen size? (see specification examples below).
Include: USDA grades as much as possible
Specification Examples:
Keep in mind that a large list of items as in your project would have specs that list the company first,
then all of the multiple items that you would buy from them grouped together.
Ketchup (ordered in three different sizes),
5 cases
US Foods Brand
1oz “to go” squeeze tubes/360/case
2 containers
US Food brand
3 gallon plastic container
(used to refill table top ketchup bottles)
4 cases
Hunts Brand
16oz bottles & 48 bottle per case.
Whole Flounder
, 110 each
1 lb average size
Packed in ice
No substitute
Crosby’s Seafood
, 2 cases
Emery’s (A special “Packer’s Brand”)
16oz plastic jars / 16/Case
Plastic re-sealable jars
Can substitute Packer’s Brand for Sysco’s
Premium brand
4) Group all Purchase Specifications by Company.
After creating Purchase Specifications for all
ingredients, you need to list/group them by Purveyor.
Imagine using 200 ingredients and five purveyors. If you do not group ingredients together by
purveyor, you will need to read your 200 ingredients list five times, or each time you call to place a
food order (1,000 times). When you group them by purveyors, you only read the 200 item list once.
Your awesome menu may have over 200 ingredients, broken into Product/Purchase Specifications. You
will call five purveyors to order the food:
Limehouse Produce
17 items
Acme Seafood, Inc.
6 items
Specialty Foods, Ldt.
3 items
Roma Food Corp.
172 items
Geechie Boy Grits, Inc.
2 items

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