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How can team development techniques be used to advance the goals and objectives of a company’s organizational development program.

How can team development techniques be used to advance the goals and objectives of a company’s organizational development program.

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Original Forum

How can team development techniques be used to advance the  goals and objectives of a company’s organizational development program. What are some of the problems and/or issues that a team may experience, especially when first formed? How do these issues and concerns impede team operations?

Student Response

Dr. E. and Classmates,

Good afternoon; I hope everyone is having a great week so far.

Strong, cohesive teams are the foundation for a successful organization (Mealiea & Baltazar, 2005). Without effective teams, an organization often struggle to achieve their goals and objectives. Successful teams use development techniques to motivate, strengthen, and improve the overall dynamics while increasing productivity, morale, and employee satisfaction (Mealiea & Baltazar, 2005). Once an organization has the foundation established, it can use those techniques to help advance its goals and objectives. For instance, team-building techniques teach people how to accomplish larger tasks as members of a group which can also teach people how to collaborate in an office environment to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

When bringing people together to build a team, there are numerous problems and/or issues they may experience. Some are lack of trust, conflicts between people, scarcity or poor communication, and everyone moving in different directions (Mealiea & Baltazar, 2005). These problems and/or issues will prevent the team from producing their desired outcomes; because the team has to fix these problems to allow the team to operate effectively.

For example, trust is critical to a team’s success because, without it, people will always second guess what others tell them, preventing them from interacting with each other. Properly managed conflicts between people can be helpful to a team because it causes people to think and debate; however, improperly handled can lead to the demise of a team. Conflicts between individuals can hinder team cohesion, causing people to pick sides and preventing them from working together. Working through conflicts takes resources away from the team project, delaying them from producing their outputs.



Mealiea, L. & Baltazar, R. (2005). A strategic guide for building effective teams. Public Personnel Management34(2), 141–160.


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Good afternoon Dr. E and class,

I feel this assignment and discussion were directed right at me this week. Starting a new position as the Safety and Security Director for an organization five days ago, walking into a dysfunctional and unorganized program from the top down would be an understatement. Some of the problems and issues identified in this short time is that leaders have not provided a clear mission and vision for the organization and without a clear vision and goals, managers and crew leaders can not properly lead their teams in the right direction aside from just completing daily working task. It is critical to establish a motivating vision and goals for the team as Matthews and McLees (2015) states, “because an exemplary leaders must understand these aspects before their teams can master them and produce to the vision and goals. Another issue that I have come to identify after speaking to labor employees is that many leaders were unaware of their operations, the jobs they were executing and the work it takes to do the job. The leaders did not understand the full extent of what the labors went through as far as environmental controls, machine operations and times between jobs and came in overpowering and demanding before understanding what it took to make an efficient program. “To build effective project teams and to maintain the necessary teamwork, a project leader must understand the aspects of team leadership and the crucial skills of team members” (Matthews and McLees, 2015).

The way forward, to ensure the same mistakes are not made, to build an effective team-oriented environment, we must firs fostering a team environment where members can openly communicate with mutual respect which builds more trustworthy working relationships for a culture of collaboration, teamwork, and productivity (Whetten & Cameron, 2016). Learning the diverse talents, background experiences, and preferences of team members fosters better opportunities to properly align more meaningful and worthwhile work assignments for an improved sense of job satisfaction (Martinelli et al., 2010). Most importantly from my view right now, we need to put some form of trust in the backbone of the organization and provide an appropriate level of decision-making authority to team members often leads to better informed point of impact decisions and efficiency as well as create an open line of supportive communication among team members and upper management because for so long it appears to have been an organization where previous senior leadership has presented an unapproachable and again detached personality. These issues  identified in such a short time has presented short coming is production output, presented the possibilities of losing large contracts for service, the potential of losing valuable and reliable system operators that has been with this organization for many years and most of all focus on safety and ergonomic controls which could prove critical in future OSHA inspections.


Martinelli, R., Rahschulte, T. & Waddell, J. (2010). Leading Global Project Teams: The New Leadership Challenge. Multi-Media Publications, Inc. ISBN: 9781554890644

Matthews, R., & McLees, J. (2015). Building effective projects teams and teamwork. Journal of Information Technology and Economic Development, 6(2), 20-30. Retrieved from

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