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Access Chapter 2 Grader* Project [Assessment 1]: Metropolitan Zoo

Access Chapter 2 Grader* Project [Assessment 1]: Metropolitan Zoo

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Access Chapter 2 Grader* Project [Assessment 1]


Metropolitan Zoo


Project Description:

The Metropolitan Zoo tracks its animals in Excel. The organization decides to use a database to organize the data about the animals, their trainers, and the animal exhibits. In this project, you open an existing database and create a new table. You import an Excel file containing information about the animals, and you query the database to determine which animals need a checkup. You also create a query to obtain a listing of the animals in each exhibit.



For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks:

Step Instructions Points Possible
1 Start Access. Open the downloaded Access file named exploring_a02_grader_a1. 0
2 Create a new table in Design view. Add the field name ExhibitID with the AutoNumber Data Type. Add the caption Exhibit ID. Set the ExhibitID field as the Primary Key for the table. Save the table using the name Exhibits. 6
3 Add the following fields and set their field properties as shown:

Field Name                   Data Type                  Field Size Property          Caption
ExhibitName                 Short Text                  15                                      Exhibit Name
Acres                              Number                      Integer
InitialCost                     Currency                   (no change)                         Initial Cost
YearlyCost                     Currency                   (no change)                       Yearly Cost
DateOpened                  Date/Time                (no change)                         Date Opened
Show                              Yes/No                       (no change)                       (none)

4 Switch to Datasheet view. Add the following records letting Access assign the Exhibit ID:

Exhibit Name       Acres           Initial Cost           Yearly Cost        Date Opened   Show
Asia                       2                  2000000                300000                1/15/2011     Yes
Africa                    4                  3500000                500000                2/3/2014       Yes
The Americas       3                  1500000                250000                5/15/2005     No

Save and close the table.

5 Import the downloaded exploring_a02_grader_a1_Zoo.xlsx workbook as a new table in the current database. Using the Import Spreadsheet Wizard, specify that the first row contains column headings, set the AnimalID field to be indexed with no duplicates, and set the AnimalID field as the primary key. Import the table with the name Animals and do not save the import steps. 10
6 View the Animals table in Design view and change the field size for the AnimalID field to Long Integer. Change the field size for the ExhibitID and TrainerID fields to Long Integer. Save the table and the changes to the design of the table. Click Yes in the dialog box indicating that some data may be lost. Close the table. 6
7 Begin establishing relationships in the database by adding the Animals, Exhibits, and Trainers tables to the Relationships window. Close the Show Table dialog box. Resize the tables so all fields display. Create a one-to-many relationship between the ExhibitID field in the Exhibits table and the ExhibitID field in the Animals table, enforcing Referential Integrity. Select the option to cascade update the related fields. 9
8 Create a one-to-many relationship between the TrainerID field in the Trainers table and the TrainerID field in the Animals table and enforcing Referential Integrity. Select the option to cascade update the related fields. Save and close the Relationships window. 7
9 Create a query using the Simple Query Wizard. From the Animals table, add the AnimalID, AnimalType, and DateOfLastCheckup fields (in that order). Ensure the query is a Detail query. Name the query Checkup List and finish the wizard. 10
10 View the query in Design view, and then set the criteria for the DateOfLastCheckup field so that only animals whose last checkup was before 1/1/2016 are displayed. 6
11 Sort the query in ascending order by the DateOfLastCheckup field. Save the query. Run the query and then close the query. 6
12 Create a new query in Design view. Add the Animals, Exhibits, and Trainers tables to the query design window. Add the following fields to the query (in this order):


13 Set Africa as the criteria for the ExhibitName field and sort the query in ascending order by Origin. Run the query and save the query as African Exhibit. Close the query. 7
14 Copy the African Exhibit query in the Navigation pane and paste it with the name Asian Exhibit. Modify the query in Design view to replace Africa with Asia. 6
15 Close all database objects. Close the database and then exit Access. Submit the database as directed. 0
  Total Points 100

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